letters from dickinson to mary bowles

about August 1861


I do not know of you, a long while - I remember you - several times - I wish I knew if you kept me? The Dust like the Mosquito, buzzes round my faith.

We are all human - Mary - until we are divine - and to some of us - that is far off, and to some [of] us - near as the lady, ringing at the door - perhaps that's what alarms - I say I will go myself - I cross the river - and climb the fence - now I am at the gate - Mary - now I am in the hall - now I am looking your heart in the Eye!

Did it wait for me - Did it go with the Company? Cruel Company - who have the stocks - and farms - and creeds - and it has just it's heart! I hope you are glad - Mary - no pebble in the Brook - today - no film on noon -

I can think how you look - You cant think how I look - I've got more freckles, since you saw me - playing with the schoolboys - then I pare the "Juneating" to make the pie - and get my fingers "tanned."

Summer went very fast - she got as far as the woman from the Hill - who brings the Blueberry - and that is a long way - I shall have no winter this year - on account of the soliders - Since I cannot weave Blankets, or Boots - I thought it best to omit the seasons - Shall present a "Memorial" to God - when the Maples turn -

Can I rely on your "name"?

How is your garden - Mary? Are the Pinks true - and the Sweet Williams faithful? I've got a Geranium like a Sultana - and when the Humming birds come down - Geranium and I shut out eyes - and go far away -

As "Meme" - if I shall catch her Butterfly with a vest like a Turk? I will - if she will build him a House in her "Morning - Glory." Vinnie would send her love, but she put on a white frock, and went to meet tomorrow - a few minutes ago. Mother would send her love - but she is in the "Eave spout," sweeping up a leaf, that blew in, last November. Austin would send his - but he dont live here - now - He married - and went East.

I brought my own - myself, to you and Mr Bowles. Please remember me, because I remember you - Always.

My river runs to thee -
Blue Sea! Wilt welcome me?
My River waits reply -
Oh Sea - look graciously -
I'll fetch thee Brooks
From spotted nooks -
Say - Sea -

    Take Me!

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