letters from dickinson to mary bowles

about 20 December 1861

Dear Mary -

Can you leave your flower long enough - just to look at mine?

Which is the prettiest? I shall tell for myself - some day - I used to come - to comfort you - but now - to tell you how glad I am - and how glad we all are - I wish it were a lady - for then - it would be just big enough - to waltz - with Austin's little Boy - but they can play Ball - together - and that will do as well! You must not stay in New York - any more - you must come back - now - and bring the Blanket to Massachusetts - where we can all look. What a responsible shepherd - Four lambs - in it's flock! Shall you be glad to see us - or shall we seem old-fashioned - by the face in the crib?

Tell him - I've got a pussy - for him - with a spotted Gown - and a Dog - with Ringlets -

We have very cold days - since you went away - and I think you hear the wind blow, far as the Brevoort House - it comes from so far - and crawls so - Dont let it blow Baby away - will you call him Robert - for me. He is the bravest man - alive - but his Boy - has no mama - that makes us all weep - dont it?

Good night - Mary -


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