letters from dickinson to mary bowles

early March 1862

Dear Mary -

Could you leave "Charlie" - long enough? Have you time for me? I sent Mr Bowles - a little note - last Saturday morning - asking him - to do an errand for me -

I forgot he was going to Washington - or I should'nt have troubled him - so late - Now - Mary - I fear he did not get it - and you tried to do the errand for me - and it troubled you - Did it? Will you tell me? Just say with your pencil - "it did'nt tire me - Emily" - and then - I shall be sure - for with all your care - I would not have taxed you - for the world -

You never refused me - Mary - you cherished me - many times - but I thought it must seem so selfish - to ask the favor of Mr Bowles - just as he went from Home - only I forgot that -

Tell me - tonight - just a word - Mary - with your own hand - so I shall know I harassed none - and I will be so glad -

Austin told us of Charlie. I send a Rose - for his small hands.

Put it in - when he goes to sleep - and then he will dream of Emily - and when you bring him to Amherst - we shall be "old friends."

Dont love him so well - you know - as to forget us - We shall wish he was'nt there - if you do - I'm afraid - shant we?

I'll remember you - if you like me to - while Mr. Bowles is gone - and that will stop the lonely - some - but I cannot agree to stop - when he gets home from Washington.

Good night - Mary -

You wont forget my little note - tomorrow - in the mail - It will be the first one - you ever wrote me - in your life - and yet - was I the little friend - a long time? Was I - Mary?


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