letters from dickinson to mary bowles

spring 1862

Dear Mary -

When the Best is gone - I know that other things are not of consequence - The Heart wants what it wants - or else it does not care -

You wonder why I write - so - Because I cannot help - I like to have you know some care - so when your life gets faint for it's other life - you can lean on us - We wont break, Mary. We look very small - but the Reed can carry weight.

Not to see what we love, is very terrible - and talking - does'nt ease it - and nothing does - but just itself.

The Eyes and Hair, we chose - are all there are - to us - Is'nt it so - Mary?

I often wonder how the love of Christ, is done - when that - below - holds - so -

I hope the little "Robert" coos away pain - Perhaps your flowers, help - some -

Vinnie and Sue, are making Hot beds - but then, the Robins plague them so - they dont accomplish much -

The Frogs sing sweet - today - They have such pretty - lazy - times - how nice, to be a Frog! Sue - draws her little Boy - pleasant days - in a Cab - and Carlo - walks behind, accompained by a Cat - from each establishment.

It looks funny to see so small a man, going out of Austin's House - Mother sends her love to you - She has a sprained foot - and can go, but little, in the House, and not abroad - at all. Dont dishearten - Mary - We'll keep thinking of you - Kisses for all.


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