letters from dickinson to mary bowles

September 1881

Dear Mary,

To have been the mother of the beautiful face, is of itself fame, and the look of Arabia in the eyes is like Mr. Samuel. "Mr. Samuel" is his memorial name. "Speak, that we may see thee," and Gabriel no more ideal than his sswift eclipse. Thank you for the beauty, which I reluctantly return and feel like committing a "startling fraud" in that sweet direction. If her heart is as magical as her face, she will wreck many a spirit, but the sea is ordained.

Austin looked at her long and earnestly.

"Yes, it is Sam's child." His Cashmere confederate. It is best, dear, you have so much to do. Action is redemption.

"And again a little while and ye shall not see me," Jesus confesses is temporary.

Thank you indeed.


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