letters from dickinson to mary higginson

spring 1876

Dear friend,

I have your lovely Gift, and am happy and chastened. May I cherish it twice, for itself, and for you?

The tie to one we do not know, is slightly miraculous, but not humbled by test, if we are simple and sacred. Thank you for recollecting me. I have now no Father, and scarcely a Mother, for her Will followed my Father, and only an idle Heart is left, listless for his sake.

I am sorry your Hand harms you - is it easier now? Mr Higginson told me you loved the Buds - You should own my own, but the Orchard is too jocund to fold and the Robins would rob the mail.

Who knocks not, yet does not intrude, is Nature.

Please to thank Mr Higginson for the delightful note - I shall thank him myself - soon - Please tell him the "Madonnas" I see, are those that pass the House to their work, carrying Saviors with them -


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