letters from dickinson to ned dickinson

August 1885

Dear Boy.

I dared not trust my own Voice among your speechless Mountains, and so I took your Mother's, which mars no Majesty - So you find no treason in Earth or Heaven.

You never will, My Ned -

That is a personal refraction - shall I question you, or let your Story tell itself? "Day unto Day uttereth Speech" if you do not teaze him -

I was stricken with laughter by your Dr Irish - The search for the Syphon is unremitting.

How favorable that something is missing besides Sir John Franklin! Interrogation must be fed -

Your intimacy with the Mountains I heartily endorse - Ties more Eleusinian I must leave to you - Deity will guide you - I do not mean Jehovah - The little God with Epaulettes I spell it in French to conceal it's temerity.

What made you quote that sweetest Verse I never heard from Lips but scarcely wake or sleep without re-loving it?

Love for Maria Pearl - and a ruddy remembrance to my Neighbors. Vinnie is still subsoiling, but lays down her Spade to caress you. And ever be sure of me, Lad -


Aunt Emily.

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