letters from dickinson to ned dickinson

autumn 1873

Ned - Bird -

It was good to hear you. Not a voice in the Woods is so dear as your's.

Papa is living with me.

He is a gentle Passenger.

It will be an excellenet Day when you and Mattie come. The Robins have all gone but a few infirm ones and the Cricket and I keep House for the Frost. He is very tidy.

You must excuse "the Lake." I dont think he meant to be "rough."

You and I should get tired of bowing all Day, in a Silver Pen.

I am pleased with your "Store." If you sell your Goods at Isaiah's price, I will take them all. Hope Mama is refreshed and refrehsing Aunt Mattie. Did you know Mama was a precious Inn, where the Fair stopped?

I have borrowed a little Honey for Aunt Mattie's Cold of a religious Bee, who can be relied on. Sometime, when you are intimate, you can let her know.

I am saving a Miller for Mattie.

It laid six eggs on the Window Sill and I thought it was getting tired, so I killed it for her.

Good Night, Little Brother. I would love to stay.

Vinnie and Grandma and Grandpa and Maggie give their love.

Pussy, her striped Respects.

Ned's most little Aunt.


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