poems sent from dickinson to frances and louise norcross

Thomas Johnson's Note on Poem 1769

No autograph copy of this poem survives; it is here reproduced from the published text. It was incorporated in a letter to the Norcross cousins. The letter commiserates with them for a seemingly serious disaster. At the time Mrs. Todd was preparing the letters for publication, she inquired of Fanny Norcross whether the latter coud date the letter by recalling the events that prompted it. Fanny Norcross replied (Letters, ed. 1931, 237):

All this trouble has become only a myth now; it must have been some illness, or other forgotten calamity.

The letter evidently was early, but how early cannot be determined.

PUBLICATION: Letters (ed. 1894), 257; (ed. 1931), 236; also LL (1924), 269. It is placed among letters written in 1868.

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