letters from dickinson to frances and louise norcross

mid-July 1871

TO: Louise Norcross

I like to thank you, dear, for the annual candy. Though you make no answer, I have no letter from the dead, yet daily love them more. No part of mind is permanent. This startles the happy, but it assists the sad.

This is a mighty morning. I trust that Loo is with it, on hill or pond or wheel. Too few the mornings be, too scant the nights. Bo lodging can be had for the delights that come to earth to stay, but no apartment find and ride away. Fanny was brave and dear, and helped as much by counsel as by actual team. Whether we missed Loo we will let her guess; riddles are healthful food.

Eliza was not with us, but it was owing to the trains. We know she meant to come.

Oh! Cruel Paradise! We have a chime of bells given for brave Frazer. You'll stop and hear them, won't you?

"We conquered, but Bozzaris fell." That sentence always chokes me.


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