letters from dickinson to frances and louise norcross

September 1873

TO: Louise and Frances Norcross

Little Sisters,

I wish you were with me, not precisely here, but in those sweet mansions the mind likes to suppose. Do they exist of nay? We believe they may, but do they, how know we? "The light that never was on sea or land" might just as soon be had for the knocking.

Fanny's rustic note was as sweet as fern; Loo's token also tenderly estimated. Maggie and I are fighting which shall give Loo the "plant," though it is quite a pleasant war. . . . Austin went this morning, after a happy egg and toast provided by Maggie, whom he promised to leave his sole heir.

The "pussum" is found. "Two dollars reward" would return John Franklin. . . .

Love for Aunt Olivia. Tell her I think to instruct flowers will be her labor in heaven. . . .

Nearly October, sisters! No one can keep a sumach and keep a secret too. That was my "pipe" Fanny found in the woods.


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