letters from dickinson to frances and louise norcross

October 1881

TO: Louise and Frances Norcross

Did the little sisters know that Dr. Holland had died - the dark man with the doll-wife, whom they used to see at "Uncle Edward's" before "Uncle Edward" went too?

Do they know any of the circumstances?

Did they know that the weary life in the second story had mourned to hear from them, and whether they were "comfortable"? "Comfortable" seems to comprise the whole to those whose days are weak. "Happiness" is for the birds and other foreign nations, in their faint esteem.

Mother heard Fanny telling Vinnie about her graham bread. She would like to taste it. Will Fanny please write Emily how, and not too inconvenient? Every particular, for Emily is dull, and she will pay in gratitude, which, though not canned like quinces, is fragrantest of all we know.

Tell us just how and where they are, and if October sunshine is thoughtful of their heads.


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