letters from dickinson to martha gilbert smith

late December 1878

Mattie -

A faithful "I am sorry" will sometimes save the Heart - when every other Savior fails - I want to take hold of your Hand and tell you that Love lasts - though it grows unknown - in some dreadful instants -

We are eternal - dear, which seems so worthless, now - but will be by and by, all we can rememeber - because it owns our own and must give them back -

The Noble cannot go from Home - and your friend was noble -

When you have seen him, dear, as you certainly will - these moments will change -

I am glad of your little Girl - She will be a Balm - and remember the Boy and Girl that are with their Father -

What an anticipation!

Smile - for their sake, dear, to whom you have added a "Father in Heaven" -

To me the word grew fond since I gave my own -

Emily -

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