letters from dickinson to sarah tuckerman

Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 739


PUBLICATION: L (1894) 386; L (1931) 376.

Presumably on the authority of Mrs. Tuckerman, Mrs. Todd dates the note 8 November 1881, and says that it was accompanied by a pressed dandelion tied with a scarlet ribbon. Root died, 3 December 1880 (see letter no. 677).

Among the scraps that were in Mrs. Todds possession (AC-pencil), and that date from about the this time, is the following:

Ferocious as a Bee without a wing
The Prince of Honey and the Prince of Sting
So plain a flower presents her Disk to thee

On the verso is written: Prof Tuckerman. The lines may or may not have been a trial draft of a brief note, similar to the above, intended for Mrs. Tuckerman.

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