poems sent by dickinson to sarah tuckerman

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BULLET"Brother of Ingots - Ah Peru -" (P 1366)
BULLET"Go not too near a House of Rose -" (P 1434)
BULLET"A Route of Evanescence" (P 1463)
BULLET"Before you thought of Spring" (P 1465)
BULLET"The Robin is a Gabriel" (P 1483)
BULLET"We shall find the Cube of the Rainbow." (P 1484)
BULLET"Love is done when Love's begun," (P 1485)
BULLET"Not seeing, still we know -" (P 1518)
BULLET"The Dandelion's pallid tube" (P 1519)
BULLET"The stem of a departed Flower" (P 1520)
BULLET"Sweet Pirate of the heart," (P 1546)
BULLET"The Clock strikes one that just struck two -" (P 1569)
BULLET"How slow the Wind -" (P 1571)
BULLET"We wear our sober Dresses when we die," (P 1572)
BULLET"To try to speak, and miss the way" (P 1617)

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