letters from dickinson to maria whitney

March 1884?

Dear Friend,

The little package of Ceylon arrived in fragrant safety, and Caliban's "clust'ring filberds" were not so luscious nor so brown.

Honey in March is blissful as inopportune, and to caress the bee a severe temptation, but was not temptation the first zest?

We shall seek to be frugal with out sweet possessions, though their enticingness quite leads us astray, and shall endow Austin, as we often do, after a parched day.

For how much we thank you.

Dear arrears of tenderness we can never repay till the will's great ores are finally sifted; but bullion is better than minted things, for it has no alloy.

Thinking of you with fresher love, as the Bible boyishly says, "New every morning and fresh every evening."


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