The Dickinson Electronic Archives space for open, critical review may be used for any number of purposes. Because feedback is an integral part of our editorial process, we have designed the site specifically to inquire about your experiences while using the archives; what we might start doing, what we might stop doing, what we might continue doing, etc. Yet this space may evolve to fit the needs of its users. Because all posted comments are open for future users to read (and respond to), you may feel free to post your own critical comments on a particular manuscript or respond to an article posted by one of our contributors. This section is not designed to be a mere guestbook, listserv, or bulletin board, although it may incorporate aspects of all three. The DEA open review space is to be a true forum for conversation.

We do ask that you observe the following guidelines.

  • Please be specific. Direct your comments and feedback to very particular items that we or others can address, whether it be issues in design, navigation, presentation, editorial methodology, critical stance, etc.
  • Please be tempered. Extreme praise or extreme displeasure does little.
  • Please be respectful. Each individual is entitled to his/her opinion, and we most definitely welcome opinions that differ from our own. But we do not welcome language that is offensive, hateful, prejudiced, or distasteful.

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