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My dear friends -

As one
who has looked into the
grave with its inexorable
walls & beheld there all
that was dearest in life,
I would come to you in
the deepest, tenderest
sympathy. In the bitter
blinding grief of today
there is no source for
consolation. Death

has deprived you of
your precious child, but
he has no power to dim
the sweet memories of
beautiful life which
was blended perfectly
with your own and
interwoven with the
deepest tenderest fibers
of your being. The
pain you feel today,
throbbing through every
thought & feeling, shows
the graciousness of the
gift which has been

your [sic] for eight bright
years & will be yours
in the life beyond -
"He cannot come to
you but you will
go to him."

Yours in truth, most
beautiful sympathy,
Abby I. Cooper

Friday Oct 6th

Papers of Susan Dickinson
Brown University Libraries

Abby Cooper

ADDRESSED TO: Mr. & Mrs. Dickinson

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