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My dear Mrs. Dickinson

I heard with pain of
the sickness of my dear little
"Gibbe", and the commencement of
his departure came to me as
a personal affliction. I should
have come directly to you, but I
am shut up with Sam. who
has the Whooping cough and
I have the sympathetic cough
so as to make me very uncomfor
table. But if I could come and
sit beside you in this great grief
What could I say? I could only
tell you, that I have been through
again, and again the heart
rending trial, and I could weep
with you, and bid you be
comforted with the thought
that the Good shepherd has
gathered your precious Lamb
into his heavenly Garden. You
must weep for your buding[?]

Papers of Susan Dickinson
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flower, it is meet that you, should
but be thankful that God gave
you such a fair and lovely
child, so shall his memory be
sweet to you, as you give up
his mortal part to rest in
the grave until the resurrection

Dear little Gilbert seems
to me as a Grand child,
for his own love of me &
from the great kindness
ever shown me by his
father - Give Mr. Dickinson
my sincere sympathy, and
also the Brother & Sister of
dear "Gibbie". I am sorry
for you all, and very sorry
that I shall not be able to
be with you to-day. I am
glad Mr. Jenkins can be
with you.

Your loving Friend
Fanny H. Boltwood.

Mrs. W. A Dickinson
Oct 8, 1883

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