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Geneva October 17th

Dear Mrs Dickinson

I write to tell you why
I did not go to see you
while you were here. I thought
you had seen so many, and
talked so much, you were
weary - and would thank
me for staying away.

You did all in your power
to do, for your beloved sister.

How sweetly and unquestioningly
Mrs. Smith took her desperate
illness, This[?] is the way, Friends
are made. A little while
she will be lost to us, and
again, in "the restitution of
all things", will be ours
again. As fondly as we
remember her, may she
remember us, this I do
believe she is permitted

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to do.

In your double sorrow
may you be comforted, -
and joy still be yours, in
the son and daughter
that are left.

Yours, in the fellowship
of suffering

S[?] Augusta Chew.

October 17th

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