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My dear Mr Page -

I thank you
very truly for sending
your "Truths" to so old
a connoisseur of life as
myself! While we
doubt we live, when
we "prove" we die - doubt

is of time proof of eternity:
It is a solemn poem - written
with the force and ease, as
well as distinguishing fancy
of all your work. Given the
fire, how fortunate to know
how to build it - the flame is
diviner for it. I love solemn
poetry for all truth is solemn
and leaves no taste of confections

Papers of Susan Dickinson
Brown University Libraries

in the palate. Pray send us
more for we look in all the
places for you. Poetry is my
sermon - my hope - my solace
my life -

Yours very sincerely
S. H. Dickinson

out of the Storm
February seventeenth - /

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