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Fresher than dawn in joy of earliest bird has broken
      the night
Or latest star forsakes the waking choir
Stronger than Summer Sun which draws the heart
      of waiting earth
With its ripening fire;
Tenderer Solemner than evening when the holy-tinted West
      brings love
And Heaven unto the all wearied hungry souls again
Art thou white-robed Fidelity! May Death's
Steel      steel fingers prick
At thine embrace in vain!

To Prof M and Mrs M
And all at the Gate
Of the Sun our New Year's
Friendship and hope -

wearied souls of new?

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

[upside down at bottom of page:]
Come mete me out my loneliness O wind
  For I would know
How far the living who must stay behind
  Are from the dead who go.

[at 90 degree angle: B/Wellesley]

Papers of Susan Dickinson,
Brown University Libraries

Fresher, than dawn our joy of earliest
Bird has broke the Night.
Or lastest star has paled.
Stronger, than Summer Sun which draws
the ripening heart of ripening Earth
Unto it's fire.
Tenderer, than evening when the hope-
tinted West brings Love and Heaven to
Hungry wearied souls - art thou
White-robed Fidelity -
May death's steel fingers pick at thy
   Embrace in vain -

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