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In Winter in my Room
I came upon a Worm
Pink lank and warm
But as he was a worm
And worms presume
Not quite with him at home
Secured him a string
To something neighboring
And went along -
A Trifle afterward
A thing occurred
I'd not believe it if I heard
But state with creeping blood
A snake with mottles rare
Surveyed my chamber floor
In feature as the worm before
But ringed with power
The very string with which
I tied him - too
When he was mean and new
That string was there -

H ST25c - 26a

I shrank - "How fair you are"!
Propitiations claw -
"Afraid he hissed
Of me"?
"No Cordiality" -
He fathomed me -
Then to a Rhythm Slim
Secreted in his Form
As Patterns swim
Projected him -
That time I flew
Both eyes his way
Lest he pursue
Nor even leased to run
Till in a distant Town
Towns on from mine
I set me down
This was a dream -

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