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June - 27 - 1889

My dear Susan -

The seventieth
milestone has not left
so deep a mark on my
Soul, - + my growing
preference for stillness
has not gone so far, - as to
disincline me to be where
you are, - thank Heaven!

As I do not very often
with my wife or daughters
to go out of an evening,
I am not ashamed to

put my request
with y'r's; + I think
we may come over
Monday evening, by
y'r favor. We are
but three. Mary is

The Old Place is at
its best, in complete order,
+ tidy as any parlor
but y'rs. The Song-Sparrow
is singing, + the chestnut
blossoms are opening.

Lovingly to you + all,


Papers of Susan Dickinson,
Box II, Series A,
Brown University Libraries


Mrs. Susan H. Dickinson -
Amherst -

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