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June 15, '96.

My dear Susan -

The President
has lately written, urging
me to be present. I had not
expected to go till Wednesday
from here, having a duty
away from home Monday
evening. With some effort
I have made an arrangement
wh., I hope, will bring me
to the Farm Tuesday night.
I was not aware that

my office with the
alumni required anything
of me this year. If
Austin were there I
sh'd not have been
left in the dark.

If I am in the choir[chair?]
at all, it will be only
at the short morning
business session. At that
time any extended speech
w'd be out of place. I
sh'd, however, be glad to
make known there some-
thing of my special

esteem + affection for one of my
best + truest friends, + to mention
one or two signal traits in his
Strong Character, - the more so if it
w'd oblige you, dear Susan, + Mattie
+ Edward.

I hope to have some
lovely times on y'r piazza yet.

Faithfully + affectionately
always,       F.D.Huntington

[left margin:]
Reading, the
other day,

Ruskin's "Hortus Inclulus" I came upon this-
"I can't write any more this morning"(to his friend
Susan Reezer[?]) "Oh me, if one c'd only write + draw all one
wanted, + have our Susies, + be young again, ourself + they! As
if there were two Susies, or could be! Even my one Susie's
very loving, J.R."

Elsewhere he mentions Ingleborough's[?] being "de-
pressd" because Susan sent her "rememberances + not
her love to him."

Papers of Susan Dickinson,
Box II, Series A,
Brown University Libraries


Mrs. Susan H. Dickinson -

Jun 15
10 AM

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