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May 22. '99

My dear Susan -

Some time before y'r
thoughtful rememberance put me
up among y'r own + Martha's
near + tried friends who were
privileged to share early the
rare gift of her genius, I had
sent to New York for one copy of
the book, + had seen some of the
contents. Rec'g another from y'r
mother-heart + mother-pride, I

have read all the pages, + so
have we all. Not many women
c'd have written them, of any repute.
By their fertility of thought, by the
form + skill of what we call imagina-
tion, by inventiveness + power +
ingenuity + surprises + pictorial
vividness of our English tongue,
they must[?] take a striking place, it
seems to me, in the creative literary
products of the modern mind.

I wish I could, in some
way, at whatever pains, promote
the knowledge + expand the circulation
of the work. Its success, however,
will take care of itself. That
the method + the style,

the form + dress, the poetic "school" + [?], sh'd
be thus essentially + distinctly modern, sh'd be so for
me, in my eightieth year + last month, must, I
am sure, be pardonable. There are those who w'd call
it pitiable. If I cannot, by any effort, understand
very much of what is given by the language to the world,
it is doubtless my defect of capacity. I belong, +
must continue, in another intellectual generation, +
must there do the best I can.

A disturbing tiff with the conductor

Papers of Susan Dickinson,
Box II, Series A,
Brown University Libraries

of the Churchman[?] lately will, I fear,
prevent my gift[?] a place in his columns.

We are daily looking forward to the
valley + hills, Amherst - + Hadley, Holyoke +
Tobey + Sugar Loaf, for the benediction
they are sure to give, little as we do for

Faithfully + affectionately,

F.D. Huntington-

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