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Syracuse -
Oct. 26th

My dear friend

I found on getting
home last evening a paper
with a notice of the death
of your dear little Gilbert.
& I cannot refrain from
sending you a line to
tell you that my Mother's
heart feels with you the
great loss + sorrow which
has come with such sudden-
ness into your home; making

these bright autumn days
painful in their brightness.
Only God's love can comfort
you & I know you will turn
to Him. By & [?] happy
memories of that short
sweet life will come to
soothe the grief + bring[?] a
[?] of thankfulness for
the years that you were
made happy by his presence
but now I know only
the emptiness of the place
he occupied + the loss of
the merry[?] voice fills you
with sorrow + desolation.
How well I shall always

remember that day which he passed with
us at Hadley. He was so good & so happy
with out dear children. It will be one of the
pleasant memories of my life.

No more anxiety for him, dear friend,
no dread of the future & all the dangers
& temptations which it was sure to have brought
him in this life. Safe folded in arms, which
are ever loving & tender he will wait till you
shall be called to meet him.

Papers of Susan Dickinson,
Box II, Series A,
Brown University Libraries

God bless & comfort you all & keep
you from sorrowing without hope.

Ever y'r

Faithful friend,

Hannah [?] Huntington

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