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Sat. Dec. 10 '57

My dear friend -

With great delight
I got y'r notice that
you are to be seen so
soon here. As soon as
the Sunday has past I
shall come into the Fremont[?]
House to see you. We shall
depend on having you out
at C. to dine or tea with
us. Some things here you

w'd both like, I am
sure, to see.

You kindly speak of
hearing me preach. Y'r
visits are so rare that
you w'd do better, surely,
to hear some preacher whom
you have not heard so
much, - to say nothing
of other reasons for
attending the Service of
some emminent minister.
There is Rev. Stone[?] at
Park[?] St; Dr. Kirk[?] at the
Mt. Vernon Church, Dr. Nicholson

at the[?] St. Paul's, Dr. M[?], the
President of this College, at King's
Chapel, - & the peculiar service at the
"Church of the Advent" on Green St, - & many
more. If you still prefer the agencies of
y'r old & faithful & ever-affectionate friend,
you will have an opportunity to hear him,
I suppose, a week from tomorrow, at King's
Chapel, -- which is convenient to you, being

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

directly opposite y'r hotel. There is
no public conveyance that will bring you
out here on Sunday at the proper hours;
& I sh'd think on all accounts you w'd
prefer the "Boston Meeting." But if you
do come, come directly to the house -

Till the happy hour of
greeting you, y'rs,

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