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Cambridge -
June 1 1858 -

My dear friend -

In that very pleasant
call I made at your house
last week, you told me
that I had sent you an
imperfect copy of a Service
which is imperfect enough
without any Shortcomings of
the binder. To make up for
this enemy upon y'r dear
patience, I send you these

new copies, - & take the
occasion to discourage our
old debt, to please myself,
by sending you a note
of cordial remembrance,
into the bargain! It was
a bright, kindly, & most
welcome letter I have from
you; I have wanted for
some fair excuse for re-
turning it. How can I
earn another? You are my
only Amherst correspondent;
tho' I love to think I am
not without friends here.
How charming the thot is!

I remember y'r cozy & almost rosy nest, -
the clover[?]-beds in front, - the flower borders
below, the young & budding trees; - the graceful
outline of the mountains. Next Summer, -
Nay, my date reminds me to say this Summer,
when I come again, you must appear to
me in a setting surrounding of July flowers.
May flowers, I believe, don't grow in Amherst any more.

You don't know how the valley visit
refreshes us. You've[?] proved[?] a capital little
[?]. Of a [?] one day in y'r beautiful

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

scenery is worth a thousand elsewhere. Do
you know, it is no merit of y'rs that you
are good, - so [?] better than we suburban
people are? - God speaks to you through fairer,
more convincing, more persuasive syllables & symbols.

Why not come & see Cambridge, mes neighborhood?
June is the Queen[?] month with us, & just the time to
travel. Come about week after next. We will take
grand care of you. Pray[?] indeed yr husband, - & only
send us a line beforehand. I w'd love to show you
about, & will try to be as social[?] as the [?]
[?] with yr husband. To him my cordial regard &
to y'rself as much affection as you will!

Yrs faithfully,

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