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Nov. 22 1858 -

My dear friend -

I think I have the
first & last flower of
the Summer of fifty-eight. -
tokens, I will believe, of a
thought & affection which
know no mutations of season
or climate, but which, spring-
ing once, never decay. Such,
at any rate, shall be the
gratitude & attachment they


You have been watching
by the side of a sick hus-
band. And that is all I
know of his illness. But
let me rejoice with you & him
that the disease is kindly
losing him; for that I gather
from y'r too [?]
note. Doubtless the appropriate
& sacred? fruits of pain strengt-
hens [?] [?] in the
sick-room; - patience, gentleness,
the love of goodness, human confi-
dence, - & that ? in the
Christ? of God which says, -

"Thy will be done." I wish you & yr husband
listen in free [?] [?] by the Master himself
into the Fold & fellowship of his disciples: it is
so right, so true, so comforting to the Love, so healing
to our natural restlessness & self-accusings[?], - so
noble & beautiful as the necessary crown[?] of a manly
& womanly completeness of character -

Thanksgiving is almost here. I want you to
get this before the Feast; so that you may know
I think of you at that dinner[?], ? old anniversary.
I do so wish I c'd go up & break bread, or cut
turkey, -- [?] follow & listen at the old homestead!

That wish includes a [?] supplement of a
ride, & a call, & a nice time consequent, at Amherst.
But I will wait till the Minister's[?] vacation. This letter
[?] of a week's rest is refreshing, better. It has been
an autumn of very, very hard work, - incessant & absorbing; -
a [?] [?] of lectures, partly new; out of the old chapel
into the new one, with occasional sermons (you don't say you
got one I sent you); making a service[?]-book; - & many other
? & morning duties. The Fall has [?] away
like the wind. I am tired out. My brain is [?]: it
feels like a lump of dough. I wish you would come
& knead it into something nutritious.

The other day I saw an Amherst graduate in Cambridge, who, on
being introduced, said he once spent an evening with us at yr

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

house: & forth [?] I took
a new interest in him.
Yet, true I did not remember
him. Must also be accounted
for by the fact that it was
with you that I met him.
And did you lose[?] y'r
journey to y'r Sister?
God bless you, &
y'r husband, & yr

With sincere, strong
affec. regards, Yrs,

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