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Hadley -
July 25 64

My dear Susan -

I meant what I
said. Did you? I know you
did, but it remains for you
to prove it, as I do.

You are where I never
was, or never was long eno'
to know & see & live the
place. Nothing beautiful in
it will escape you. Only
rest. You needed that. Be
quiet in the affections &
cover of y'r friends. Give

them the privilege of
doing everything for you.
Sleep a great deal. Think
nothing. Say no [?] things,
&, if you hear them said,
forget them. They are an
unwholesome stimulant. I
did[?] like to look in your
eyes, in this negative, sluggish
mindless state, & see how it
fits you.

Here we pass all
[?] pardoning & pointing[?] [without?]
? & drought. Driving[?] is
? - Eating[?] [?],
excused from necessary [business?],
& [?] look sadly on to see
the leaves[?] shrink[?] & [?]

the "kindly fruits of the Earth" failing &
p?ing. But we shall not forget that[?] [?]
? mysteries[?] of the Prophet Habbabioth?, nor
doubt that the "Falling of the Rain is good."

Our house is full of the [?] people's
company, & at the next house in [?]
[?] six or seven boarders, - Six of y'r [?]
& ones of [?] others. They play croquet,
& seem to be happy.

Our Second Service at [?]
yesterday was more crowded than the first.
But you were not there. I do not know,
or even inquire, what the [?] of this

measure may be. I am willing to do the work
& leave it in [simpler?] [?]. But I do feel, very
deeply & very strongly, that our dear & venerable
& beautiful & holy church has vast blessings in
store for it people & their families, if they did
only open their eyes & hearts to [?] them. Note
no normal[?] exclusiveness, I am sure that this is
the way to keep the faith, not [?] the young
to consecrate life, & to honor the Our Saviour. So
believing with all my heart, [?] I need[?] to
present it? - Yr husband, I hope, is better.
I looked about for him, in choir[?], in that lovely
Baptist temple; but Anna says the law ? in
the outskirts. - Get strong, my dear friend. Say
anything you will, for me, to yr sisters, & the Bishop's

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

daughters. And believe
that I am sincerely,
friendship & affection
& Ever Yours,

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