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Mar. 11,'87.

My dear Susan -

It was good of you
to ask me to do something
for you; + I have taken my
compensation beforehand in
the pleasure of seeing a
writing in y'r own hand.
Charity to my correspondant
sometimes prompts me to
cover my illegibility with a
type-writer, device[?] acting as

printer,- as in this case.
You see, I fancied some
zealous student or
serious Congregational
Brother as undertaking to
get thro' my Ms. off-hand,
in the presence of the
audience! The type itself
is rather indistinct, +
I will venture to ask
that if anybody does read
it, he may look it over
in advance. Will it do, I

How much there[?]
is about you all that

I do not know, + w'd like to know!
Norman writes from the Old Place that the
snow in the woods is four or five
feet deep, that he has a son + heir, +
that "Thekla"[?]has several grandchildren.
We are counting the days till the

We have had the "howling"
without the "daffodils" of Tennyson's

Papers of Susan Dickinson,
Box II, Series A,
Brown University

"Howling month of daffodils." But
a robin chirped, without quite singing,
on an Elm branch yesterday.

God bless you for y'r service, +
for y'rself!

With a greeting for
Each one of y'r Household
Yours with loving faithfulness,


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