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  Puritan-backed sofa sans down pillows, was converted into a rather stiff
Arcadia. I do not remember that any one was bored by these simple affairs.
There was music in a modest way with the piano; I can hear now mostly plainly
the artistic rendering in a strikingly clear voice of the charming "Oh Summer
Night" * sung by Miss Gridley, daughter of the notable Doctor Gridley the
medical genius of the region round about. Her metropolitan grace and culture
lending a peculiar impressiveness to the staccato motive. In effective contrast
was the sweet, winsome "Oh wert thou in the cauld blast", sung by Miss Fowler,
afterward Mrs Ford of Brooklyn, living in ? ? ?, grand-daughter of Noah Webster, -- a wizard in
person and power. Everywhere at her ease intellectually and socially a rich leaven
in the village and the head of her own & father's house.
[in pencil: When she entertained her own & Father's friends with [?] fascination &]

Of course there was a refreshment table, so called then, --most simple but
tasteful; the pyramid of wild flowers in the center attracting the most atten-
tive. The matter of escort to the table was rather distinguishing; one felt
especially honored for the year if the President or one of the honor-men
among the seniors complimented one - [in pencil: the house men so called
being the monitor of the classes and those of high
appointments for Commencement-Day]

* Theaster? house built by him
now occupied by the [?-?] fraternity

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

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