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S.H.D. Commonplace Book (16:35:1),
Martha Dickinson Bianchi Collection,
John Hay Library, Brown University Libraries

[printed on postcard:
KARLSBAD. Westend.
Villa Ritter. Evangel Hospiz. Russische Kirche.
785 ? ? ?. Meissen?.

[handwritten note on postcard:
Tuesday Morning -
Coming by the train ? - 1.40 Wednesday -
Sun shining - all well - Elise's note,
received with joy - Your ?
M. G. D. B.]

[newspaper clippings:

Miss Dickinson Married at Dresden.
Miss Martha Gilbert Dickinson, daughter
of the late William Austin Dickinson of
Amherst, was married at the church of the
Russian embassy in Dresden, Ger., yester-
day to Capt Alexander E. Bianchi of the
Imperial guard horse artillery, St Peters-
burg, Russia. She has been traveling in
Europe since last summer with her mother,
Mrs. Susan H. Dickinson, and has seen
much of Capt Bianchi during the year - in
Switzerland, in Athens, and recently in
Warsaw, Russia, - although she first met
him in New York. Mrs Dickinson and
Capt and Mrs Bianchi expect to arrive in
Amherst in September or October, the cap-
tain having taken a government position in
Boston, which will enable him to remain in
this country. Mrs Bianchi, it will be re-
membered, is a niece of the late Emily
Dickinson, and has herself published two
volumes of verse, "Within the Hedge" and
"The Cathedral and other Poems," which
have aroused much interest and won the
favor of the critics. She and her mother
have spent their winters recently in New
York, where they have many friends in the
literary set.

At the church of the Russian embassy
Dresden, Germany, July 24, 1903, MARTHA
GILBERT, daughter of Susan H. and the late
William A. Dickinson of Amherst, and Captain
ALEXANDER E. BIANCHI of the Imperial Guard
horse artillery, Petersburg, Russia.]

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