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  Architecture was never tho't of or mentioned
except by Prof. Snell in a stray way in a stiff
lecture -- The old village church with its Grecian pillars
late in life was a target for any lazy wit but
that it survived beheading once and lived bravely
on in defiance of jesters and with little external
change stands to-day rather Grecian in effect defying
its malefactors bespeaks its integrity of composition
The old interior was truly an odd picture high pews
painted white with doors fastened securely with a
brass button, rather affording a tribal ownership and
comfort in one's feeling of worship -- they were often
slammed rather carelessly, but that only set off
the noise Mr Armstrong made just as the sermon
ended by throwing back with violence the doors of the[?]
two[?] large cast-iron box stoves with which the
church was warmed and hurling[?] some stranger
looking geometrical wood called felly wood into the
big [?] depths so that the farmers and their
families who remained for the afternoon service at one oclock
might warm their half-frozen members and re-fill
their foot stoves -- As they sat about on the circular
seat ?ing rid of ? & about the stove -- neighborly visiting in low
sad tones was indulged -- a meager chilling lunch was
drawn from the large yellow muffs to stay them for the
long afternoon services, while from the same quarter
small soap stones were reheated for the cold drive home

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

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