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In great Minerva's temple, but in vain
Since impious Ajax led on by that same
? of accused beauty famed
Did Robbed e'en the shrines, \ last refuge of her honour \
To ravish her in violation of did violate
The laws of, all the Gods, whom the irate
Minerva did avenge for samleged sacraledge [sic]
So life, demanding thunderbolts of Jupiter.
Amid ( ensuing floods, the Locrian heroes
Heroes swift engulfed causing de truction [sic]
Of them all. And more, -- required requiring of them
Each year, to bring as tribute, maidens twain to serve they
To serve the temple, service menial,
Attired in tartared robes with hair close shorn.
But even griefs like those Caisandra bore
Could not preserve her from the Argive King!
Victorious Agemenenon [sic] sought out
The vanquished Priam's child for one grief the [?] more!
Drawn by no ignominius lot, as were
Troys lesser daughter,s,all, the first [?] award
Of pillage.. --nay but sought far love aroused
   Bot [sic] sought for love her stricken
Beauty roused.
Dragged forth from unprotecting shrines and given
Aslave and     and paramour unto the King.

[handwritten in margin next to last stanza:
done to death by
an impeachment[?]

to pay their
country's debt]

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

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