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  what became of that old pulpit? I am not an idol worshipper, but that or any other
pulpit must be a sacred thing, for which was preached a a sermon by Dr / Swift of South Hadley --
from the text "I heard thy voice in the garden and was afraid". . His pronouncedly
spiritual physique and solemn manner emphasised the supernatural awe of the text
Adam's apology, -- not then dissected by a short process of reduction ad absurdam, or
through minute German scholarship become ? pronounced a careless rejoinder -- become the shrink
ing experience of of [sic] every listening soul, from the white ineffable eternal God
There was left only a wide, cold planetary space, void of all save sin and its con-
sequences at his close. The stillness and the sobs must have been minlged [sic] proof
of the power and excitment [sic] of his impassioned picture. (presentation.)

Another remarkable sermon preached from that strange old pulpit, was from the text
"God is a spirit". Professor Warner, whose manner well set off his text, urged the
clarity and earnestness of a man's life from this formula, with such solemnity, -- that
it sounds clear in my ears today.

Among the few sermons clear as the Sun still in
my mind, was Prof Warner's "God is a Spirit" -- His
white earnest face as he urged the clarity and
earnestness of life from this formula has, stayed
with the years --

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

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