Writings by Susan Dickinson

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          Amherst Mass
          Feb. 8" ./91

My dear Mr Ward

     My husband on
his return from the
alumni dinner in New York
spoke of your interest
in Miss Dickinson's poems.
I delight in such
recognition of her genius
as I have known and
felt it since our early

girl-hood intimacy. All the more am I
indignant at the silly fear of the public
or lack of ability to recognize the power
of many that were ruled out of the volume
just printed. I have many manuscripts
letter-poems &tc which I mean to make
up into a unique volume as I can command
the time - magazines and newspapers are now
eager for anything of Emily's, but I should
prefer the Independent to them all as I rate

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

its literary merit most highly. I enclose
the poem on the Martyrs - clean and crisp
as rock crystal to me. If you will print
it for a money compensation I should be
glad and will reserve others for you which
have never been seen - Scribners gave me
$15 for "Renunciation" printed in August.
I do not care for barter and am no
"Shylock" but some price is fair I suppose -
I would like this confidential as the sister
is quite jealous of my treasures - I was to
have compiled the Poems - but as I moved
slowly, dreading publicity for us all, she
was angry and a year ago took them from me.
All I have are mine - given me by my dear
Emily while living so I can in honor do with
them as I please. Pardon so long a letter
          and believe me cordially,
          Mrs Wm A Dickinson

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