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          Amherst Mass
          March 23 /91

My dear Mr Ward

I have just read
your letter to my husband
and regret that I so
innocently have drawn
you into a hornet's nest.
I beg you will not be drawn
into any correspon-
dence with Miss Lavinia
over the poems, or allow

yourself to be troubled by her foolish fits
of temper which have worn into her
brother's life very deeply. She feels a little
baffled by my possession of so many mss. of Emily's
and is very foolish in her talk of law &tc &
I am quite used to her vagaries, and while
I pity her, I shall never yield a line in
my possession to her. It is an advantage to
have been printed in the Independent as
she well knows. I have a little article in

H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9

mind, with illustrations of her (Emily's) own, showing her
witty humorous side which has all been left
out of her vol. I presume Mr Bowles will
be glad of it. I thank you for your
intelligent courtesy toward me in this
matter. The little poem I am happy to
have your sister keep - and pray do not
yield it up to any one. I will send her
another soon. I wish I could persuade my
daughter to send you an Easter poem she
has just written - but she is immovable,
having a most feminine horror of print

          Yours very cordially
          S H Dickinson

     My daughter wrote a sketch - "My
Surviving Aunt" a couple of years ago
which I would like to send to you sometime -
I should have thanked you for the check
and the papers duly rec'd
          SHD -

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