A Faithful Account of Where I Live: The Letters of Cid Corman and William Bronk

Ap[ril] 63

Dear Cid

In New York earlier this week I signed a contract with New Directions to publish a collection called The World, The Worldless. About half of it is poems you have printed in Origin. No one knows, of course, what other chain of events there might have been had there been some other, but it seems improbable that these poems would be published now if it had not been for your printing them first.

That we have come to be in a more than geographical sense almost a half a world apart and regardless of each other - though how this came to be, I dont know-doesnt cancel for me your former concern nor my present gratitude.

Time passes, tastes change, we get new concerns, and who should be surprised? But I remember and I miss you and regret that you should have gone so unreachably far beyond me.

But OK. So be it. Thanks though.
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