A Faithful Account of Where I Live: The Letters of Cid Corman and William Bronk

5 Sep[tember] 68

Dear Cid,

All day thinking of the water in the Feeder and wanting to go there. So as soon as dinner was over I started down. A chilly evening but I knew the canal water would still be warm. Near the bottom of Pearl St. hill I met a couple hoping to see the moon rise and had driven down there in spite of the overcast. I swim near Barber's Bridge which is the one in the poem of a long time ago ["Certain Beasts, Like Cats"]

In August once, I dozed on an unused bridge to hang in the very world, in the teeming air.
I walked upstream against the current awhile then floated down again, came out and lay against the still warm rocks to dry a little before I put my clothes on again. By then the moon was a few degrees up in the sky and showed through a thin place in the clouds for a little. I looked back across the field to where their car would have been but I think they had gone away disappointed.

As I came by the dump a huge flame was waving against the night sky in the west where some brush was burning there.

And so home to tell you about it as though you were there.

Good night


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