Hound's Head Inn -- Maureen Owen

At night I snap off  kitchen
lights   &
look through glass doors across the deck
over the railing   past a thicket of criss
crossing winter branches    across
a thin highway  to a building illuminated
by a tall yardlamp that throws    a glittering
stark yellowish pinky light on a greyish white
facade beside a sombre     red t'orange likewise
blue sign with a Hound's Head
on the other side of which I stare into
Setting for a Fairy Tale
by one Joe
Cornell exactly stark winter white &
glittered yellowish pink from a  yardlamp
brittle stork-etched winter branches through
whose spaces Cornell's
Untitled (Rose Castle)

glitters in soft yellow winter light of yardlamp
completely still in one dimensional facade
between us goes 6N  West & cars pop stunned
& shinning every now &then
but mostly silence   as the gleaming Hound's Heads Inn
its lighted  flat front & sign     a velvet darkness
holds it in a frame.

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