"I Cut His Hair" -- Reesom Haile, translated by Charles Cantalupo
When he strutted down the street
Nobody could compete
With Samson and his hair.

Delilah, fresh out of beauty school,
Saw him and said, "You're cool."
She was beautiful and he proposed.

"Yes, oh yes, yes, yes," she cooed,
"And let me do your hair, it's great."
She made Samson into one handsome dude.

The wedding couldn't have been better.
Live music, poems, the best food and wine
And thousands of guests on the conga line

Cheering the newlyweds to their bed.
Lovely Delilah stripped, revealing her charms.
She welcomed Samson into her long arms
But he coldn't get it up and cried.
"She castrated him." His friends spread the word.
His mother screamed and shouted bloody murder.

Sad Delilah heard and calmly stared
Them in the eyes: "I didn't cut off his balls.
I cut his hair."

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