Aaron Kunin

You Won't Remember This

Last to know, and out of the mind,
You wish to begin the dance
Of pleasure; to heal "the soul"
And keep up the dance. Wrong from the start—

No, sorry, but you had been talking
About a brother you once had;
Moron; a change of mind;
And out of voice with easy change;

Just as you yourself must know
Sounded in the narrow throat;
Sobbing and weeping, vowing good habits,
You were like a machine of weeping.

Your Jesus, as it were, was fact:
Keep the mind on what you desire.
You say "it may be I cannot"
And yet I like you as you are.

I do not know what is "like me";
By the machine of change
I Iet me down to wonder,
To suppose, to be demanded.

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