Dorothy's Homage to Alice -- Michelle Murphy

"Nonsense" said Dorothy, obscuring the reference to any hangover. An endless and impossible version would follow the night before, annotations running rampant. The dull ache bleating through her thoughts keep her words suspended in space by magnetic forces mingling with matter, pulling off an utter translation of nuclear mass into tedious energy. The other side of the looking glass.

It's possible all the jokes were running concurrently with her inability to remember the punch lines. Her riddles jumped ship, the room hem and hawed. "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" she asked in homage to Alice but everyone had disappeared and now blazing away as brightly as a neutron geared up to shatter, Dorothy sipped the last of her Johnny Walker, located one of her black gloves and agreed with no one in particular that perhaps it was time to leave.

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