Apart from That -- John Olson

This is a piece of sentence what is a sentence a sentence is a piece of principle. If I couldn't stop it would I begin it yes I believe I would. I would study Ptolemy and Copernicus and arrive at a bowl. A bowl is a sentence with a blessing of ice cream. Reality engorges with infrared. Cezanne is prismatic and orbits a lens. Consciousness includes hawks, Damascus, and buttons. These are examples of the sentence. Time is a sentence in operation around a clock. The worm is from China and is a cause of silk. A physicist is someone who twists literature into disillusion and energy. Disillusion with what disillusion with the sentence what is a sentence a sentence boxes time in a mural of density and sky. The sky is where the clouds are and is a symbol of heaven. Heaven is where the sentence becomes a divertimento. It is the yearning thing to do. Form is a passport to content. Content is a continent of consonants. Current is an extension cord. The charabanc is a form of transport. A sentence is assembled by amplifying meanwhile ascend to a tirade to be an eyebrow there makes Copernican jazz nested in experience Aldebaran in an ingot of steel. This is what a sentence does it sprouts syllables. Supposing it is ours a sentence an entire sentence a beehive that can fill with honey and so grows to a survival. An ally. An alloy. An allowance. A tachometer is a thing of sand in any context. Sand meaning language. Language meaning wide. Wide meaning weather. Jukebox and popcorn and levee and lever. Cinema meaning movement. Movement meaning huskies, sleds, and moving pictures. A sentence of moving pictures representing thought. Thought which is a shape in the head that comes out of the mouth with bravura and tubs. Tubs of suds of puddles of thought and tuned metal bars. Twenty interiors entirely laminated and a sentence on Car Talk immersed in mincemeat. Mincemeat and gears. And a gas pedal and a clutch. And a spiritual fuel and an orange and a link to hieroglyphic goldfish. Apart from that charcoal. Apart from that hickory. Apart from that habit. Habit is a brightness. An empty commentary full of mahogany. An empty tub full of fruit. An odor or mannequin. Do mannequins have odors yes they do they smell of furniture, clothing, and betokening. Mannequins betoken clothes the smell of clothes perfumes and atomizers. Grammar smells like finance. The grammar of money the glimmer of coins. The ability to fold money the ability to count the ability to abide by oak. Oak and security and habit and chips. Apart from that loops. Currents of thought looped in a sentence of tar. A sharp song whittled out of language. A rubber nipple squeezed out of milk. A sentence leaning against a house unspoken unwritten unbridled and lewd. You know what I mean discourse. Intercourse. Crackers, stamina, and music. Apart from that jeeps. Apart from that words. Words immersed in beets. Words immersed in earth. Words immersed in meat. Words immersed in looms and toes and western artifacts like rope. Bullets, brands, and tweezers. Nostrils, waves, and lonesome rubbing. Apart from that ribs. Aboriginal compensation purple turning into fights equations cooked in mathematics. Perspective twisted into a firm grasp of volume. Volume meaning arctic. Arctic meaning floe. Fluke, furrow, foam. Every sentence is pure and tastes like a coin of Inuktitut. Apart from that architecture. Apart from that bridles. Apart from that ice and existence and stars and tendency. Buckles and leather and impetus and injury. Apart from that death. Apart from that life. Life and death and everything between. Between meaning hair. Between meaning barefoot. Barefoot in heaven like Venus. A paradigm of the Renaissance hammered to resemble smell. The smell of occurrence. The smell of disturbence. The smell of honeysuckle. Braids and beckoning and binoculars and bottoms. The bottom of the sentence is at the top of the bell of the artery of heaven. Which is musical and iron. An iron bell in a skull of pomegranate. A perpendicular sentence in a jar full of gravity. Gravity is an evasion. I really meant hypoteneuse. The hook is evident. But the pasta is hypothetical. Apart from that England. Apart from that tundra. And now I'm done describing wool. And now I'm done describing consciousness. The wrinkles are accidental. But the alphabet is real. Black as a nerve. Pink as a muscle.

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