Melon Collie -- Roberta Olson

A watermelon is a sea of sweet sunsets with geographical ambitions. A few years previous, a simple and poignant Russian in America was looking for signs and - unfortunately - finding them. All the energy dormant in a bulb blew sand into the city. A violent gale drifted, unraveling the truth. Without an accurate map, my perceptions are my greatest weakness. Hire a chimney sweeper now, and make sure the chain is oiled. It is a bold and brutal history and the only cookbook you need. In the West Indies, I found three nieces opposed to my being there. The photos you swiped were a study of a brother and sister building radios that double as birdhouses. Oslo, for instance, is a wedding cake of ice. You can stand on a chair to put away the cake stand with eagles portrayed in low relief. This action is either brief or indulgent. The chemistry of white depends on symmetry. Peroxide is a symmetrical molecule, useful if you can't stand eyebrows. The watermelon splits on summer ice; it is a study of a brother and sister who meander like Montana cottonwoods behind their father's death.

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