by Sharon Olds

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I'm always so moved by the way she says--what she means is yet when I was a young person, but what they said then was yet when I was a boy, when a boy. One more Emily Dickinson poem. I almost feel she has a rock beat. I'd almost like to work--people who put music with poems--I think she would make a wonderful--you know those MTV videos? I think it would be great! It's so sincere, and serious, what she's talking about.

Title divine - is mine!
The Wife - without the Sign!
Acute degree - conferred on me -
Empress of Cavalry!
Royal - all but the Crown!
Betrothed - without the swoon
God sends us Women -
When you - hold - Garnet to Garnet -
Gold - to Gold -
Born - Bridalled - Shrouded -
In a Day - Try Victory -
"My Husband" - women say -
Stroking the Melody -
Is this - the way?

(JP 1072)

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