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Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 220


PUBLICATION: L (1894) 200; L (1931) 191.

The date is conjectured from the handwriting, but the import of the message remains obscure.

In the Bingham collection (AC) among the poems and letters sent to Bowles is the poem beginning "A feather from the Whippowil." On the inside of the folded sheet is this message:

Enclosed in this was a sprig of white pine, which I have carefully preserved; I have also laid aside for you a letter of thanks from Clara Pease. You may expect to hear from the children by the next bulletin. I hope you are all well. F.H.C.

The handwriting of the poem places is about 1860. "F.H.C." has not been identified, nor is it clear whether "F.H.C." was an intermediary between ED and Bowles, or one of her correspondents. No correspondent with those initials is known, and since the poem is signed "Emily," one suspects that it was intended for Bowles.

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