Louis Forsdale, In Memoriam

  When Louis Forsdale, distinguished teacher and friend of all three email lists devoted to exchanges about the writings, the life, and study of Emily Dickinson, died on September 22, 1999, the loss was remarked, over and over again, on all three lists: The Dickinson List, EmMails, emweb. What follows is a compilation of those tributes, on a page designed by Kris Selander, who maintains EmMails. Nancy Pridgen and other frequent contributors to those lists are collecting dear Louis's thoughtful, balanced, evocative postings about his readings of Emily Dickinson, her critics and biographers, and the ongoing discussions that remind us that her poetry does indeed "breathe."

The Dickinson Electronic Archives Project is honored to host this page. Just a few months before his death, Louis Forsdale had become a member of our Advisory Board. Because of his vast knowledge, compassionate instruction, and perspicacious insights, we thought he would be a tremendously valuable addition to our advisors. Indeed, even in the short time he served, he was a wonderful asset and Louis's input and influence on our work is timeless, for he dwells in possibility.

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  · Louis Forsdale's contributions to Dickinson-related e-mail lists
  · 1978 interview of Marshall McLuhan by Louis Forsdale

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